SWESD 2020 - 開始徵稿囉!
2019. 07

The Global Social Work and Social Development Agenda: The Next Ten Years

2020.7.15-18 在加拿大卡爾加里(Calgary)

1. Oral Presentation
2. Oral in Workshop - Oral presentation with audience interaction Abstract text must include an interaction scheme with the audience for evaluation, topic related to chosen Axis.
3. Oral in Symposium - Oral presentation with all the paper author’s interaction Up to 4 co-authors per abstract The abstract should describe the title, the main purpose of the symposium and up to 4 presentation contents, each with the name of the author . ONLY the coordinator of the symposium must submit the abstract entering all the names of the authors.
4. Oral in Regional - Dialogue Oral presentation with audience interaction aimed to highlight the specificities of cultural / geographical differences in the chosen Axis. Abstract text must include the main purpose of the regional dialogue and up to 4 presentation contents, each with the name of the author, related to the same regional area or two different geographical areas.
5. Poster


The abstract should be presented in English. All abstracts will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee who will grade them for inclusion at the Conference. Submissions will be selected through a peer review panel on the basis of scientific merit and relevance of findings.


早鳥註冊費: 2020年4月30以前

 IFSW, IASSW, ICSW一般會員價  $850 CAD.    ($635 USD)
 IFSW永久會員價  $750 CAD.    ($560 USD) 
 非會員一般價  $1,000 CAD. ($750 USD) 
 非會員學生價  $400 CAD.    ($299 USD) 
 陪同者(僅限社交活動)  $200 CAD.    ($149 USD)